I hope this will be my last post…

I hope this will be my last post in the state of toilet paper. I am really quite tired of this needless shortage from panic buying.

Today we went to Sam’s, again… It seems to me that we’ve been there within this late month than the six months previous.

Anyway, we were there again and there was toilet paper. And not just the cheap stuff. And this is good, because we just had to open our pack of emergency cheap stuff.

Bed time

Tonight at bedtime I spent more time with the kids than I normally do. Had fun with each of them.

Started with my oldest son. I went in there greet him and saying my name is Dwayne (it isn’t). He asked me if I was Dwayne The Rock Johnson. My reply was that I am not. I am Dwayne The Pebu (his nickname for me – different story) Jackson. Other verbal games ensued.

Went to the room of my youngest. He has built a box fort in his room. It is not very big, just big enough to crawl into. That is what I did, even though it is a bit difficult to get to the ground. I spent time with him in his fort until we played tag on my way out. He won.

Went to my daughter’s room. We spent some time looking at pictures of the actors she thought were cute. My wife came in and we both gave her suggestions of people to look up. She also took me into her texts and showed me the pictures she and her best friend have been sending back and forth. Nothing serious in it. Just harmless fun.

All in all a good end to the night.

Not a good April Fools Day joke

Yesterday was April Fool’s Day. It was also the day we found out that our twelve year old has been lying about school. Not only that, but he has been doing so since mid February.

Every week night I always ask the kids two questions. “How was your day” and “What did you do today”. So not only has he been lying directly to is when he says he’s done with school, he has been making up what he’s done every day.

We have him (all of the kids) in Epic Charter School using an online curriculum. He has been doing school in his room in his desk.

Not any more. He is now doing school sitting at the dining room table with the screen in full view of my as I work from home.

Needless to say he is grounded from his phone and the computer (except for doing school of course) AT LEAST until he catches up again. It will also take a long time for him to earn my trust again.

Shamelessly stolen

I just saw this on the on real social media I visit (I don’t count Imgur as social media). I liked it so much I wanted to share immediately.

Schrödinger’s Virus

We all have Schrödinger’s Virus now.

Because we cannot get tested,
we cannot know whether we have the virus or not.

We have to act as if we have the virus, so that we do not spread it to others.

We have to act as if we never had the vurus, because if we didn’t have it, we are not immune.

Therefore, we both have and do not have the virus.

Thus, Schrödinger’s Virus.


Family time

There are times when it seems difficult to hold the family together. This can be so even when we are all stuck in the same house. It seems like everybody is doing their own thing and that doesn’t involve anyone else.

We have our youngest playing on the computer. He typically plays Roblox or Minecraft and talks in Discord with his friends.

We have our middle. She is constantly on her phone chatting with her friends on one social media platform or another.

Our oldest plays games and reads books on his phone. He is either playing the Wii, Wii U, or the Switch and typically does so alone.

My wife plays phone games. Though I’m not sure which ones she plays. EDIT: She also reads books on her phone as well. In fact she is reading one right now.

I am usually on my phone as well. I have been using Imgur for quite some time and I have recently rejoined the community in the meh.com forum (Shout out to all my fellow mehtizens!). Then of course there is also this blog…

Last Sunday we had enough. We had family time whether anyone wanted it or not.

We started out with playing a few rounds of Super Smash Bros. on the Switch (a game which I am horrible at because I constantly lose myself). We followed this up by building a fort (well our youngest and wife did anyway) out of a couple of tables and blankets. After the fort was completed, we all crawled in and played card games.

I look forward to doing this again soon. Until then I have my phone.

Always look on the bright side

Everyone knows the saying that every cloud has a silver lining. This cloud is no different.

I’ve heard of animals coming back to places where they haven’t been in years. I’ve also heard of pollution levels being lower than they have in years.

The silver lining I care about now is the gas prices. Gas prices are lower than they have been in at least a decade (at least at one station). We just got gas for 99 cents per gallon!

Well it seems my celebration is be bit premature. That is the only gas station at that low. At least we got gas there!